Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Jack!

Seems the thing to do this week is to post pictures of Brownie Town, aka Jackie Brown, aka my brand new nephew Jack. His mom's doing it, his other uncle's doing it, and now it's my turn.

Here's Jack wondering why so many people are taking pictures of him:

Here's Jack trying to swim away, wondering why it was so much easier in utero:

But that was tiring, so he's learning to deal with fame. Despite the paparazzi.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

idea for a Battlestar Galactica spinoff

So the series ends after Season 4, right? Is that the deal?

I think they ought to consider what might happen after BSG ends. Like maybe they could have them arrive on Earth and try to assimilate to our wacky Earth ways and have a spin-off sitcom where Lee and Starbuck platonically move into an apartment next door to a bunch of kooky friends, and they have obvious chemistry but don't hook up until the third season, and all sorts of zany fish-out-of-water craziness happens, like when they have to fly on a regular airplane for the first time, or when they’re convinced one of their neighbors is a cylon when they’re really just Canadian, and they all decide to open a pizza place called Galactica Pizzeria, and of course the cylons really do find their way to Earth and open up a rival pizza place across the street, and hilarity ensues.

the story of David Hasselhoff and the baby cuckoo's nest

In the spirit of American independence, I'd like to celebrate something even more American than fireworks, apple pie, and guns.

If you're a big fan like I am, you'll notice something interesting when you go to the Amazon site for his classic German greatest hits compilation entitled Looking For The Best. You'll see over a thousand five-star reviews in which enthusiastic writers pen outlandish, sycophantic odes to the Hoff and his music.

There are several recurring motifs in these reviews. First, the writer must attempt to misspell the Hoff's name in the most egregious way possible. Second, the review should conclude with the line, "Hot Shot City is particularly good."

So you can take a look at some of these reviews here.

My own entry is here.

On another note, in all seriousness, do yourself a favor and check out the music of Brad Paisley. James turned me on to him, and I've always despised country music, but the guy's really damn good. Witness:

Happy 4th, Mitch Buchanan! And God Bless America.