Friday, May 25, 2007


What happened? Where did my gung-ho-ness go? Why is blogging the last thing on earth I want to do in my spare time?

The short answer: baseball. I watch every Sox game, every night. 6 nights x 3 hours per = 18 hours/week x 4 weeks/month x 6 months/year = not enough time to blog, do laundry, or eat properly.

The long answer: I think I've got an undiagnosed, yet quite severe, case of ADD. Most of you out there reading this who know me well are nodding vigorously in agreement right now.

It's bad. But here's how to cope:

-- Don't take me to a bar or restaurant with a TV in it or risk a one-sided conversation for the rest of the night.

-- Don't write me a long, impassioned email without expecting a two week delay in my four-sentence response. Trust me when I say it's taking all I've got to concentrate on those four sentences. I love you so much. But that's all I've got.

-- Don't ask me to remind you to do something later. You might want to remind me when it's time to remember to remind you.

-- Involve food. My attention is yours if you involve food.

-- No flashing lights or colors. I live and work in New York City, but take me to Times Square and watch me transform into a five year old on sugar.

That said, I'd like to apologize first to Jenny, who has been probably the most patient as anyone over the years. Her mind is razor sharp and lightning fast, so she has the most to lose when she engages me in conversation. I recently reread one of her letters to me, and it was frustrated, sad, flummoxed, loving, and wistful. I can't imagine what it's like to manufacture that kind of patience. Sorry hon.

Secondly and equally, Sara and J. Sara because she's had to deal with it for a very, very long time; J because she's going to have to deal with it for a very, very long time to come.

Amanda, of course, has probably wanted to kill me more than anyone else on the planet. Keep truckin, baby. Love ya.

Happy Memorial Day. Go outside!


Jenny said...

As you can imagine, I rarely watch baseball games. But I always watch for Sox scores, and I picture you in your big city at a dive bar, or at your home that I've never seen that I characterize only as having a towering, towering stack of cd's against a wall somewhere. In my head your apartment is very blue, though in reality it's probably something light. I look at the Sox scores and I use it as a guide to your mood. The 4 point win and then 5 point loss to the yankees must have been a little rocky. I watch, and think of you.

No need for apologies. As long as you're happy and doing something you love-- whether eating halal or watching baseball-- all is well. I need very little attention. :)

and thank you for the wedding video. It's beautiful and pulling it out of the mailbox made my day. Thank you. Should have said it sooner.
Enjoy the Rangers game.


Sara J. Allen said...

I for one remove all magazines from my house when Mike is coming over. Unless I need to have a serious talk with J. and then I leave magazines out because that will provide hours of an entertained Mike, and much gossip time.

That Obscure Object said...

Maybe not more than anyone... Okay probably. But I love my Sox too. Jeff has a REALLY big head and most hats don;t fit him including those extend-o-size baseball caps. I found a great Red Sox hat for him at Target and now the cinversion is complete. Before Amanda: hated baseball, seafood and fiction. Post Amanda: loves all of the above and more. Success! If only Michael was as easy to break of bad habits like reading your magazines instead of talking to you or raiding your CDs. Sigh.