Friday, June 6, 2008

A few things to keep the lions at bay

I'm done posting Tinhole news for now. All I'll say is that after 2 months of official play, it's 50 wins for James and 60 wins for yours truly. I've been in the zone lately and whup his pale Irish ass regularly. Also, my web design classes have begun and we've purchased the rights to the domain name. Retirement, here we come.

In other news:

1. I'm an uncle!!! But I can't divulge any information until the baby mama does. So proud of her.

2. After 15 months of sleepless nights, gray hairs, endless notes, arguments, and eviction notices, the psycho meth addict neighbor upstairs is MOVING OUT AT THE END OF THE MONTH. Daddy bought her a house in the neighborhood and is letting the RISD architecture major redesign it herself. In the sage words of our landlord, "I feel sorry for the construction crew." Amen, brother!

2. The Big Apple BBQ is this weekend. Bought one of those FastPasses to avoid waiting in 35-minute lines. (Think my wife's claustrophobia has rubbed off on me.) The Salt Lick's gonna be there. If BBQ was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Austin, Texas-based Salt Lick BBQ would be the Mormon Tabernacle. And I'd be in the choir.

4. The Sox/Rays are new new Sox/Yankees.

5. My dodgeball team, Gingerballs, came in 4th in the Brooklyn dodgeball league. No thanks to me, as I had to bow out after the first two games of the playoffs with a hyperextended elbow. Nothing quite says "you're old" like a dodgeball injury.

Otherwise, it's kind of a weird period. Married without children. It's fun, and we have all the benefits of living together with few responsibilites. But we're noticing how many babies there are in the world. There are a lot. And they all suddenly appear out of nowhere when it gets warm or when you get married. Now that we're married, and lots of our friends are either parents or pregnant or trying, and it's warm out, it's like a world of babies. There was this tiny kid in a stroller parked in front of me on the subway the other day, and the kid just stared at me for fifteen minutes, concentrating.

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Mattical301 said...

Rumor has it that babies are bad for the environment. Good to see you're blogging again.