Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The big letdown

I had the urge to get a huge oatmeal raisin cookie after lunch today.

When you haven't bought a cookie in about 14 years and you get one and it's a big, stale, tasteless piece of shit, you start to lose faith in the power of cookies to brighten up your day like they did when you were small.


That Obscure Object said...

Jeff made me cupcakes last night after weeks of begging. He used a mix from Trader Joes. They tasted like corn bread muffins whith coolwhip/marshmallow fluff/ fresh raspberry icing. They were...interesting. I feel your pain Mikey.

millionsuns said...

A b/f who makes you cupcakes is one to hold on to. even if they suck.

millionsuns said...

the cupcakes, that is.