Friday, January 18, 2008

Well okay then

My wife has a remarkable ability to forgive and forget. I come home last night and she's cooking in the kitchen. She turns around, says "Hi hon." and asks me how my day was.

She was more upset about me airing our dirty laundry than she was about anything else. Which means she'll probably be mad at me for writing about this also.

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Sara J. Allen said...

I was wondering if the post was approved by both parties, considering I was told by my other half that not his name nor anything about him could appear on my blog. And it's a password protected site. I violate the law often, but still, dirty laundry is dirty laundry.

The answer to your question of how to proceed (although you already have) is time. In 3 years, a child will take a pair of scissors and run them across the length of that beautiful thing and those little dents will look like nothing. Not to mention, it's amazing what you don't notice after about 10 days.

That said, if you can't stand looking at the dents, find a beautiful piece of fabric and put it under the TV to disguise.

This is the answer to all marital problems, time and a beautiful piece of fabric.