Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pick your candidate

Got this one from David Byrne's ever-fascinating blog:

It's a Pick Your Candidate site where you check off how you stand on two dozen issues. Based on your responses, it tells you which candidate you should go for. It also has a sliding scale showing you how insane the other candidates are.

Kucinich in '08!



Sara J. Allen said...

Too little too late. I was supposed to vote for Kucinich.

idlewildeone said...

I got Kucinich too. Does any of it even matter anymore?

Toothpaste Jones said...

I've got the most in common with Kucinich, but who doesn't? I bet that the majority of active democrats who took this test would end up with Kucinich? So why do we feel that we shouldn't vote for Kucinich? Is it the American ideal that we don't deserve what we want, so we've always have to choose McDonald's over Chilean Sea Bass with Crab Risotto and a truffled tomato butter?

Or is it that we're all afraid of leprechauns?