Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Don't worry, be sleepy.

J can't sleep lately. She says it's a combination of new pressures and old worries that will never go away. The girl is a worrier. It doesn't bother me really, but at 5 this morning she was tapping away on her computer in bed doing god knows what, worrying about something, keeping me awake worrying about her.

What causes people to worry? I've always thought it's a waste of time. In order to prevent myself from worrying, I'll think about something, then put it away to think about in detail later if I absolutely have to. I find that the solutions to many of my problems only arise when I've stopped worrying about them. I liken it to trying to remember something. You stop trying to remember it for awhile, and as soon as you forget what you're trying to remember, you remember what it was you'd forgotten.

Does this mean that nothing's ever worth worrying about? Probably not, but life is too short and my memory has massive holes in it anyway. Much of the time, these solutions come to mind in a semi-lucid dream state at 5 in the morning.

Actually, maybe that's why J was up this morning...maybe she wasn't worrying at all. It could be that she was remembering something out of the blue that would solve her problem, whatever it was.

I'm getting the feeling this blog entry is suffering from a lack of sleep. G'night.

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