Sunday, January 7, 2007

This blogging thing ain't all it's cracked up to be.

So I just spent the last two hours figuring out where my blog went, ultimately resulting in the violent death of my identity.

Signed up for a Blogger account and blogged away on my newfound anger management tool, then posted it, came back to update it, and couldn't find it. Long story short, I have two accounts somehow. Another millionsuns signed up for Blogger in 2004. I don't remember this at all.

It's a very weird feeling to go online and try to remember which identity is which. It hasn't been fun for the last two hours, but I can see why people love their online schizophrenia. There's actually a great example of this - ever heard of Second Life? It's like a sandbox for people who want to be someone else. Like World of Warcraft, but for people who don't necessarily want to wield swords and fire. Check it here. Basically people have a virtual life online. It's like the Sims, except you're the Sim (called an "avatar" in SL) and you interact with other people's Sims (avatars). It's gotten to the point where people spend more time in this online world than in their own "real" lives. That's right, it's gotten to the point where we have to put "real" in quotes.

So I was reading this article, and it mentioned how the American Cancer Society has entered the SL world and created a virtual awareness booth about issues related to cancer. Let's pause here and think about this. They had to enter a VIRTUAL WORLD to inform people's VIRTUAL IDENTITIES about the dangers of CANCER.

Will people be worried about the cells of their digital organs multiplying and destroying their digital bodies while their 24th cigarette of the day hangs from their mouth, dripping ash onto the keyboard?

On an unrelated topic, J just told me that drinking soy milk makes your breasts grow, even if you don't happen to be female. Is this true?

Note: Apologies to Sara -- your very gracious and inspirational comment on the first blog entry was collateral damage in the killing of my old friend lunaharpua.

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