Monday, January 8, 2007

Tea + Honey

I'm sick.

It started as a sore throat, my least favorite way of getting sick, and shortly progressed to full-blown sickness. Currently in a NyQuil coma. Seeing trails when I wave my hands in front of my face.

Anyway, there was a gas scare in Manhattan today. Turned out to be a relatively small leak somewhere in the Village, but half of the city smelled alarmingly flammable for about two and a half hours. J's building was on the verge of being evacuated. It snuck into my subway car this morning right around 14th-23rd streets and we all looked at each other to see who's the wiseguy bringing propane on the train. Most people here are used to crazy shit going down at random, but we're all packed in so tight that a healthy fear of explosives is a given.

Sara, I think you're the only one who reads this blog. I haven't told anyone else about it, though, so I'm not losing sleep over it. Do you have a home remedy for the common cold? I've tried tea with honey, chicken soup, liquids, fake breakdowns, plastics, collections, self help, self pain, EST, psychics, etc.

Any witch doctor remedy you know about? Something southern? Some kind of burlap wrap with ingredients like persimmon, cloves, collard greens, clay, and tobacco juice? Starts with a "P". What are those called?


Sara J. Allen said...

Now I feel like a very self-conscious reader. Please send to others, so they can enjoy your prose.

You probably have what D and I had that I believe we may have given to J who may in turn have given it to you.

If it is the same thing. I am sorry, there is no hope but a constant stream of steam from tea and showers and of DAYQUIL, not NYQUIL in the day. What is wrong with you boy?

I could read blogs all day. In fact I toggle between the blogs of those I know because I am avoiding writing my novel.

Jenny said...

Michael, Michael, Michael. How dare you hide your words from me? I am, frankly, appalled. I've found you now, and I'm never leaving. Imagine me in a corner with a nylon bedroll, a gas lamp, The Dark Tower open in my lap, and two glinty eyes watching your every word.
There. That's about right.

Secretly, I hope you feel better soon. But since I'm aggravated with you for your ninja blog antics, I'm not going to come right out and say it.

Instead, I'm going to ask you to please keep your diseases up north.

Joanne said...

Ah Mike, I can't say I am surprised that you have joined the wonderful world of blogging, it seems like something that is right up your alley! Thanks for finally letting me in on your new little secret! ;)
As far as why I commented on This posting, I had to tell you that the P word I believe you are looking for is "poultice", and I'm not sure they are quite right for a cold :) And also, a "hot whiskey sling" might be a better order for you as far as witch-doctor remedies go :) Take about a 1/3 cup Black Velvet whiskey, equal amt of water, and microwave it for 2 minutes or until warmish-hot. Sugar it to taste, and pound. Ok, maybe not pound, as BV is a gentleman's whiskey ;) but drink it down. It's a remedy straight from a gramma. And although all it did was get me drunk enough to happily forget all about my cold, and anything that happened after I drank it; perhaps it will "sweat out" your cold, as it is intended to do :) Either way, it's fun and you'll feel better!
Happy blogging and feel better soon!